Turnkey electrical, communication and instrumentation solutions

Getting it right onsite starts with a first class installation by a team of professionals – that makes all the difference across the short, medium and longer term.  We are licensed electrical contractors specialising in turn-key electrical, communication, and instrumentation installation for industrial applications.

So having Alliance Automation working through the planning, design, implementation, and all-important installation phase sets your enterprise up for a strong start, rock-solid establishment and growth in the future.  Our installation and associated services include:

  • electrical reticulation
  • switchboards
  • generator and backup systems
  • MCCs; control systems
  • Instrumentation
  • fuel storage and transfer systems
  • synchronising systems
  • hazardous areas and more

Be assured that when we say we are with you for the life-cycle of the project, that means our experience in maintenance and aftercare is at your disposal.  Providing a complete service before during and after site installation is part of the Alliance Automation way of working.  Being fully operational on day one of your project builds confidence because it means that key efficiencies, metrics and goals are aligned.

Speak to us about how we can help optimise your enterprise’s output by ensuring sound systems installation for your business.

Electrical Contractors License:

  • QLD: 75100
  • NSW: 273515C
  • SA: PGE305435
  • WA: EC15432
  • NT: C4263