Real time data making a real difference for your enterprise

Alliance Automaton offers ISA 95-compliant Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Management Information and historian systems. Empowering organisations to transform real-time data into information and actions by providing technology-enabled business insights. Helping management and operators make decisions and take actions that facilitate operational efficiency and continuous improvement.

Our dedicated Business Intelligence team has significant experience in MES and BI systems with capability in the design, development, implementation, commissioning and support of all major products and software platforms.

Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning Solutions

Alliance Automation’s engineers are skilled in new to market software applications utilising machine learning technology to reduce maintenance costs by improving predictive maintenance efforts. Machine learning can be used to find behavioural patterns in data from the many sensors already installed on and around our customers assets, to indicate degradation, failure mode, and causality. Algorithms recognise unique data patterns as predictions of future equipment behaviour and use those patterns to constantly monitor the real-time process to detect recurrences.

This goes further than anomaly detection as a means of predicting the need for maintenance work. Systems can learn the behaviour patterns of previously unknown failure conditions and use this information to provide long lead time alerts when future failure patterns are detected in the equipment.

Machine learning can be used across a wide range of processes and machinery to provide the benefits of predictive maintenance; however, it is of significant value when used in applications with multiple similar equipment sets. In these applications the algorithm can apply behaviours learned from one piece of equipment and apply these learnings across the entire system.

Technology is advancing exponentially and Alliance Automation ensures you are keeping up and moving forward. Talk to us about how we can use Business Intelligence to help your enterprise take the next big step forward.