Control panels and switchboards – solutions built under our roof

We have been able to bring our design and manufacturing teams in “under one roof” to ensure that efficiency remains the focus of every stage of operation.  The engineering team operates from within our own facility where they are well-resourced and able to focus on the achievement of your operational goals.

Having understood the scope of a client’s objectives and designed a range of solutions to position them for sustainable success, we move on to the manufacturing phase.  We are proud to say that this is where we have a competitive advantage over other independent operators in this field.  Our team will produce and source electrical switchrooms, motor control centres (form 1 to 4b), control panels and customised solar skid solutions in-house.

We stand by our knowledge and consultancy services (including project management) and confidently share our insights on how we can build your solutions.So, when speaking with a member of our project team about supply and installation, you can be assured that we can definitively inform you about supply and manufacture timelines.