The Control System Risk project is aimed at mitigating the risk of extended production outages at the Whyalla Steelworks due to issues with the support and spares availability of obsolete Control Systems and Drive Systems.

Alliance Automation, working closely with our client, achieves this by:

  • Assessing and Prioritising site wide Control System Risks.
  • Establishing long term strategies and road maps for technology upgrades and refresh.

Completing project front end engineering design activities, this included:

  • Identification and management of project risks.
  • Completing project plans that consider procurement strategies, constructability, site interfaces, shutdown planning, completions and handover.
  • Documentation to support expenditure approvals.
  • Design, Implementation, Testing and Commissioning of Control System and Drive System solutions.
  • Project Management of the portfolio of Control System Risk projects.

Projects delivered include:

  • Development of PLC software standards.
  • Replacement of the existing drives at the Rolling Mill.
  • Replacement of the existing PLC’s at the Rolling Mill.
  • Completion of the upgrade of the DCS system at the Steelmaking Plant.
  • Complete electrical upgrade of a locomotive at the Coke Ovens.
  • Safety assessment and design of a Burner Management System at the Steelmaking Plant.