Our client operates a highly specialised facility specifically for the grain-fed beef market. The facility has undergone a series of expansions to become one of the largest beef processors in Australia, processing over 260,000 grain-fed cattle per year and exporting premium beef to over 20 countries worldwide. With the increasing complexity and scale of processing on site, the client have come to utilise many aspects of services offered by Alliance Automation. Projects and services delivered to date have included:

  • 24/7 control system support
  • MCC replacement
  • Offal room upgrade
  • Carton Conveyor tunnel
  • Screw Conveyor MCC
  • Separate MCC

Alliance Automations scope of services have included:

  • Support and modification to site scheduling system.
  • Support and modification to site SCADA system.
  • MCC design, construction and installation.
  • Electrical and control design for 4 x 80m sections of zero back pressure carton conveyors.
  • Electrical and control design for Offal Room upgrade.