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How secure are your operational assets?

Today’s challenge of securing critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks begins with understanding your operational technology (OT) systems; this requires identifying and tracking an inventory of all IT and OT endpoints

Common practise has been to conduct OT infrastructure audits and compile a ‘register’ in MS Excel, which doesn’t always include asset configuration details.

The importance of these details is required for patch and obsolescence management. Asset registers in Excel are notoriously difficult to maintain, let alone govern, particularly if ever changing configuration details are to be recorded.

To effectively cyber secure production systems, infrastructure assets need continual governance as well as auditing. Comprehensive centralised monitoring and management of proprietary multi-vendor OT systems is complex and there is currently no singular software tool which does this 100%.

Using only current IT network monitoring tools does not adequately identify and manage OT system inventory given their limited visibility of lower-level device configuration.

At Alliance Automation, we provide continual support to our customers using the latest smart technologies to protect their OT infrastructure. These technologies help protect against unauthorised change, manage and mitigate cyber security risks, and assist compliance to NIST/IEC62443/ISO27001 security standards.

Alliance Automation have years of experience implementing and supporting the infrastructure required to operate critical processes. We implement a pragmatic approach to managing and securing assets whatever the digital maturity of a client and its infrastructure. 

Our Digital Solutions team (25+) have capability in OT system administration, networking, virtualisation, and cyber security. Together with our broader control systems domain experience we are helping our customers secure their OT assets and improve process safety.

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